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Mike Mearls Revela Planos do D&D 5E para 2015

novembro 7, 2014

D&D 5E LogoO site israelense de RPG entrevistou recentemente o designer Mike Mearls da WotC.
Na entrevista, ele disse sobre o plano de manter 2 histórias (termo utilizado no lugar de “ganchos de aventuras” ou “campanhas”) de D&D por ano até 2018.
Ele também revelou alguns planos da 5E para 2015:

Adventurer’s Handbook e Princes of the Apocalypse (a primeira aventura do arco Elemental Evil) ambos para 17 de março.
E provavelmente algo no fim de 2015: como Planescape ou Eberron; ou até Spelljammer.

We’re looking at two storylines a year. Right now, we have plans laid down for stories up through 2018.”

Let’s say we wanted to do psionics. We’d tie that to a campaign you can play, maybe one centered on mind flayers or a similar foe. The psionic sourcebook would be the player’s companion to the DM’s mind flayer campaign. The sourcebook would have all the info for creating psionic characters, along with world material for players who are creating characters for the mind flayer campaign. The player’s book might also have a chapter written from an in-world perspective on psionics and psionic monsters, the kind of information that a character might have access to or have heard. You can expect us to do one or two such products a year, to give people enough time to play through a campaign without overwhelming them with new options.”

System bloat is a big concern. It’s one of the things that forces us into a new edition and makes the game hard to get into. We’re looking at keeping our new mechanics to a minimum and having clear guidelines on the best way to incorporate new material into your campaign.”

– Mike Mearls


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